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    We create value from the ground up.

From the ground up.

Nothing beats something new!

We offer this service to individuals who wish to take advantage of the real estate market. This is not a service for flipping houses, but to build them from the ground up. The best way to get a property under the market price is when you control everything since the beginning. At the moment that some one chooses this service, he becomes a partner in a new venture with our company. He can choose between diferent pieces of land that we have available at that moment and become part of the development. The contributions of the members are guaranteed and the investment returns are completely transactional.

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We build from the ground up

You tell us the amount and let us do our thing.

You tell us the amount of money that you are willing to invest and we tell you how we can associate it in one of our investments in a unique way.

High ROI (Return of Investment)

The fact that we are building a property from the ground up, creates a better return for the investors. It gives you the opportunity to enter into transactions with higher ROI and more profits.

Forget the paperwork!

Part of our service is that you do not have to invest time in anything other than your daily life. We do all the documentation, contracts, forms of contributions and insurance processes.

Track your investment!

Our company bases its success on transparency. If you deal with us you not only have the benefits of investing in real estate but also you can track your investment in real time. You can see how the construction processes, payments, projections and much more.

Your money is guaranteed.

The total amount of your investment is guaranteed by a mortgage guarantee. You start to get return on your investment from day one. The property we acquire is always acquired for a considerable value below the market value and that property guarantees its investment.

If you don't get paid, no ones get paid.

Using this service, you develop a partnership with our company to be able to acquire or construct real estate, create value and sell it. The profits are shared between you and the company meaning that because you are our partner, we accrue the profits at the same time. If you do not get paid, no ones get paid.

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